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Chuen Cheung Kui Restaurant – Mong Kok – Home Style Hakka Cuisine

The two floored Chuen Cheung Kui Restaurant has been in Mong Kok since 2004 and is one of many in…

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Little Bao HK – It Was Worth The Wait!

After 3 years of waiting, I finally made it to May Chow’s Little Bao in the Central Part of Hong Kong….

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Tim Ho Wan – The Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant In The World

Tim Ho Wan has become another cult in the food scene and is dubbed the cheapest Michelin Starred experience in…

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Din Tai Fung Silvercord Hong Kong – Dumpling Royalty?

Din Tai Fung was founded in 1958 by Yang Bingy – it’s got a reputation for being the reigning authority for Xiao…

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Mak’s Noodles – It’s Another HK Institution.

Mak’s Noodles’s has it’s roots derived from Guangzhou, brought over by wonton master Mak Woon-chi, which is now run by his third-generation…

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Seaview Congee Mong Kok HK – Comfort Food 101

Congee was traditionally a way to stretch your rice reserves by boiling it down into a glorious gloopy porridge to…

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Sing Kee – Go Get Some Dai Pai Dong Before They Disappear!

Dai Pai Dong represents a perfect example of quintessential Hong Kong dining, just like having your dim sum. These street-food…

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H&H Bagels NYC – Giant Hula Hoops

H&H Bagels started in 1972 when Puerto Rican Helmer Toro and his brother-in-law Hector Hernandez (thus the name “H&H”) bought Midtown…

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Osteria Morini NYC – Michael White’s Little Gem

An “Osteria” is traditionally known to be a drinking hole for folk in rural Italy, often pouring cheap local wine…

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Wildair NYC – That Wine Bar on the Lower East Side

Co-founding chefs, Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske launched Wildair on Orchard Street in the summer of 2015, next door…