Pied a Terre – Review (London Fitzrovia)

Marcus Eaves is responsible for running this fine 1 Michelin starred joint and as the name suggests it’s a fine French eatery. He takes the reigns after the departure of his mentor Shane Osbourne who ironically was allergic to fish! I loved the entire experience of being here, from the amuse bouche of deep fried fishy croquettes, the nutty green olives, to the foie gras sandwiched in thin crisp pastries, dotted with sesame seeds to the endearing sommelier who really knew his onions. It’s the kind of behaviour one would expect when you’re paying 60 quid for a 2 course a la carte menu over lunch.

So this is where it all began;

If this doesn’t whet your appetite then nothing will!

And for the mains;

Oh and those fishy croquette things I muttered about earlier with the foie gras sesame pastries;

For starters I went for the Confit Suckling Pig Belly accompanied with stuffed baby Squid. Surf and turf like how I’ve never had before, the savoury richness of the pork was really complemented by the perfuming lemon verbena – for those who don’t know it’s a exotic lemony shrub. To be honest neither did I as I had to look it up!

Another starter eaten and worth mentioning were the Stuffed Chicken Wings with Truffle Mayonnaise and Dorset Crab. Chicken wings a la Michelin – gorgeous.

I was lucky enough to be also given a spoonful of the Marinated Scallop with Toasted Hazelnuts and Caramelised Celeriac. The sweet, sweet ceviche-esque scallop was a real riot in flavour, balanced out by the creamy celeriac and textual sensation of the hazel nut. This dish was so damn good it’s the way to go for.

Courtesy of our sommelier try it with this;

For mains I opted for the Slow Cooked Aberdeenshire Beef. This dish really got my heart racing, arguably the best beef dish I have tasted this year, it was undeniably good.  In case you’re wondering the slow cooked beef is nestled in between the little onion with the spinach and rich brioche crumb saddled in the bone. The beefy flavour was just so intense, it really got my taste buds going. This was balanced out by the sweet, juicy perfectly cooked steak with a coin of bone marrow resting on top. Trust me it really tasted as good as it looks!

And here comes our on point sommelier again, it was sheer perfection with the beef;

This is the beauty of going out with a fellow group of foodies, you just get the taste what they’re having too. The Roasted Line Caught Sea Bass with Aubergine Puree was a case in point; cooked just to the right balance between moist flesh and crisp skin. The fish’s garnish of Creamed Polenta and Red Pepper essence really brought out the flavour of the fish  without over-powering it. Sea Bass has never tasted this good!

The Pan-Fried Fillet of Halibut with Smoked Bacon Fondue was also good, but if I’m being critical, it’s certainly not a podium finish in comparison with the Sea Bass. The crisp potato squares were nothing short of sensational.

Oh and here are the farm house cheeses for you cheese lovers out there.

Sadly we didn’t get a chance to taste any of the wonderful deserts but in typical Michelin freebie fashion we we’re treated to some stunning artisanal sweet treats. Salted Caramel and Praline, Salted Caramel Truffles, White Chocolate and Raspberry Cubes.

The real star of the post dinner selection was the Canelé. I could easily eat these for the entire afternoon and be completely content. A combination of soft, chewy, custardy, caramelised crust was a sensational!

The verdict;

The damage:
Expect to pay £60 for a starter and main course but with wine and coffee you’ll be looking circa 100 pounds.
The good: Talk is cheap just go!
The Bad:
I didn’t get a chance to taste any of the deserts!
Rating: 5/5
Pied à Terre
34 Charlotte Street
London W1T 2NH
020 7636 1178


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