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Bleeding Heart – Review – Farringdon, A Bistro with a bloody history

Since 1983, the Bleeding Heart has been serving bistro style French cuisine in their low ceilinged basement dining room. The…

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Frenchie – Review – Revisited

I said Frenchie was a bistro in a sharp suit during my first appraisal and I stand by that. It’s…

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Le Dame De Pic – Restaurant Royalty?

Anne-Sophie Pic is bit of a chef legend that has created her own legacy, cemented in modern French cookery. She…

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Minetta Tavern – it’s a New York institution

Unsurprisingly we could only score a table at 5.30pm in Keith McNally marvellous Greenwich Village bistro which has been around since…

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Balthazar – New York – brunch love

Balthazar is another one of Keith McNally’s grand French brasserie’s located on Spring Street of New York since April 1997. The…

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Hibiscus – the final farewell – TTFN

I managed to dine at the 2 Michelin Star Hibiscus before it closed for good on the 1st of October 2016,…

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Birthdays should always involve good restaurants – Portland for lunch and Frenchie for dinner will have your mouth dancing

What do you do when you’re tasked with organising a day and night of restaurants for a friend’s birthday? You…

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Frenchie – Review (Covent Garden) – a bistro with a sharp suit? Trés Bon!

Greg Marchand opens “Frenchie” in February this year, a name coined for him by Jamie Oliver when he was the…

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Piquet – Review (Fitzrovia) Another one bites the dust

Piquet was the name of Allan Pickett’s no gimmicks French inspired London restaurant. He collaborates with Bodeans founder Andre Blais…

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Little Social – Review (Mayfair) Time To Impress The Clients!

I first came here back in March earlier this year with an old school mate and had an outrageous time….