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Ippudo – Holborn – Rorty Ramen

Ramen was first discovered in China and reached Japan in the 20th century where it has become a cult over there…

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Eat Tokyo Review – Soho. What’s All the Pavement Blocking Queues About?

The dangle of decent sushi at a reasonable price, served as fast as lightening was too hard to resist. (Well…

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Sarap Pop-Up at The Sun and 13 Cantons – Review

The Sun and 13 Cantons is one of those stalwart boozers in Soho where you can be guaranteed a decent…

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Beer and Buns, The Chicken Wing Pilgrimage

Beer and Buns is the long term pop-up, come permanent resident above conveyor belt sushi favourite K10. It’s been knocking…

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Bierrschenke – A Meat Fiesta in the City

Bierrschenke is a Bavarian beer hall situated just off London Wall where Henry’s Bar used to be, that place I’m…

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Shopping Rules In Hong Kong!

People in Hong Kong love to shop, it’s the favoured past time there and where they spend their hard earned,…

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Bun Hui – A Hong Kong Greasy Spoon

I would describe Bun Hui¬†a local hole in the wall that serves up the kinda things that oozes pocket friendly…

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Food Opera – Hong Kong – Shops Do It Good Too!

Everywhere you go, seemingly there is something good to eat in Hong Kong – the folk out here know how…

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Chung Kee Desert Shop Sham Shui Po – It’s Different!

Chung Kee is a crowd tempting desert peddler, famed for it’s concoctions of authentic Cantonese style deserts with some influences…

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Unmissable Dai Pai Dong In Sham Shui Po Hong Kong

Dai Pai Dong is all about the authentic wok tossed delights from the Hong Kong streets that anyone can afford….