The Britannia Richmond. “…if I was in a muttering mood then I’d say the roasties weren’t crispy and the gravy’s depth went missing in action”

Richmond is a hoity-toity part of town, a suburban area of South West London, full of posh shops, normal ones, luscious green open spaces and the meandering Thames full of boats. It’s got many pubs as you can imagine, this is a good thing. I came to the listed 18th century The Britannia, an off the beaten track pub just off the high street, down a narrow cobbled lane. Blink and you’ll miss it. It’s a three-floored jobby with a function room, patio garden and roof terrace. It looks great with plenty of quint charm.

We chose the Sunday set menu, three courses for £26.95.

First up was the silky chicken liver parfait with toasted brioche and red onion marmalade. This one has brasserie written all over it and needed the acidic notes from the marmalade and piped fruity gels to slice through the richness. My only grumble was the toasted brioche, it disintegrated in crumbs upon finger contact, hardly a vehicle to carry anything. Get me some decent sour dough and I’ll be happy.

Better was the smoked mackerel and zestful orange salad. I’ll get this next time again.

For the roast, we went with the Aberdeen Angus sirloin and all the trimmings. I’d say it looked delightful and went down a treat after walking 3.4 miles from Kingston. But what’s the “but?” Well if I was in a muttering mood then I’d say the roasties weren’t crispy and the gravy’s depth went missing in action. Two of the most (arguably) celebrated elements that will elevate a roast from average to the greatest of it’s kind. It was all inhaled nonetheless.

Apple and pear crumble with home made custard tasted soothing, with good crunch and melting fruit – it was a good version of itself.

Raspberry and blueberry crème brûlée was a good mix of shattering spoon action with fruits that tasted intensely of themselves. There was a homemade chocolate chipped cookie for good measure and why not.


When did I go? June 2018
The damage: Expect to pay £30/35 per head with booze
The good: There’s lots to love about the quaint flair a pub like this can give, they do deserts good here, with a semi decent roast but not trip worthy, just hit them up if you’re nearby.
The bad: Give me some hot gravy with depth and roasties with crunch and I’m anyone’s. Get rid of the brioche and bring in the sour dough! Boy am I hard to please.
Rating: 3/5
Would I go again? Meh
Address: 5 Brewers Ln, Richmond TW9 1HH

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