Chick and Beers Review – Burlington Road. “The crunchy exterior gives away the soft, gorgeous chicken within that’s ripping hot and bellows steam as you bite into it”.

The first Chick and Beers is located on Burlington Road, if you want to get technical it’s the B282 that commences at The Watchman Pub, where the cop shop used to be by the Fountain round-a-bout on New Malden High Street. Along this stretch, you get a handful of South Asian groceries, Korean bakeries, coffee shops, car rentals and a motorbike shop. There’s even a sushi restaurant and a place called B&Q, PC World and Harveys to pick up some house-hold stuff. Keep going under the A3 underpass and you’ll find the majestic Jin Go Gae, and further down you can find Chick and Beers. Whilst writing this, I’m thinking about how I got my senses cheekily slapped about by their platters of fried chicken, some the shade of Essex fake tan gone wrong covered in a sticky glaze made from sweet-salty chilli sauce. Soy, gochujang, honey and chilli make a case from themselves depending on what you pick as do sprinkles of crispy shallots. Bouncy K-pop chimes in the background whilst pints of IPA get poured. I like it here.

We try the “half and half” £18.50 which is the whole bird, neck and all, hacked into pieces, battered and then fried until crisp. I applaud them for not wasting a single piece of the humble chicken, others should take note. One half of the bird gets the drenching in glaze, whereas the other stays blonde. If the blonde needs sauce in your opinion, then you can get some on side like how we did. The result is hard coated, fresh from the fryer bird, with a crunch so glorious sounding and satisfying it will have you grazing until your hearts content. The crunchy exterior gives away the soft, gorgeous chicken within that’s ripping hot and bellows steam as you bite into it.

I delight with the pots of house pickled cubes of crunchy daikon that served their purpose as a palate cleanser and becomes part of your five a day. I love them.

The second time around, we got a chance to chat with one of the owners – the lad has got a wise head on his shoulders.

We couldn’t fault the chicken.


When did I go? Apr 2018, May 2018
The damage: Expect to pay £15/20 per head with a beer
The good: I’m utterly taken by the no frills, fabulous fried Korean chicken. It’s a revelation. The owner tells us that once the chicken is fried, it’s put on a cooling rack and get’s the hair dryer treatment. No that’s not a football term so closely linked to when Alex Ferguson gave Beckham a famous dressing down, but they actually give their chicken a blow dry for extra crispiness. They filled our box full, we emptied it gleefully before paying and leaving. Our palates smiled. Incidentally, if you fancy dessert there’s a huge Krispy Kreme parlour across the road. You’re welcome.
The bad: It’s fried chicken kids so eat responsibly – exercise often so you can eat as much as you want.
Rating: 4/5
Would I go again? Yes
Address: 282 Burlington Rd, New Malden KT3 4NL

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