Chung Kee Desert Shop Sham Shui Po – It’s Different!

Chung Kee is a crowd tempting desert peddler, famed for it’s concoctions of authentic Cantonese style deserts with some influences from the West. The format is a canteen style, communal table sharing affair with stools as seating and a brightly surroundings. There are multiple branches, but since we were in Sham Shui Po, it made sense to go to the one there.

It was rammed, even late into the night when we arrived, this branch is opened until 2am.

There are pages and pages of the stuff, so you should be able to pick up the one for you!

Shaved ice with mixed beans, matcha ice cream and mango sauce is a combo new to me and to be fair, it wasn’t bad at all. The mango sauce had lashings of tropical flavour, the beans added body and well, who doesn’t like matcha ice cream?

Black sesame and tofu pudding with rice dumplings was nutty and comforting, the rice dumplings were related to those gummy mochi balls. 

Almond paste with gummy rice dumplings was a viscous soupy thing with hints of marzipan. Quite delicious. 

Coffee serradurra is a Macau favourite of whipped cream and crumbled Marie biscuit. With ice cream, it’s pretty delectable, but perhaps the least popular of the bunch we ordered.  

Grass jelly with matcha ice cream – the herbal black jelly is fragrant and bitter sweet, paired with the ice cream, it made for something quite oddly refreshing. 

Mixed beans with grass jelly, sweet soup and ice cream. I think this desert was created for someone who couldn’t decide what the order, so they created this mish-mash of things.   

The verdict:

When did I go? Nov 2016
The damage: $50 per head (£5).
The good: It’s fun, it’s cheap and those with a sweet tooth would revel here. You can play around with the combinations or find one which is right for you and why not try something which the locals love?
The bad: Even the shortcomings are forgivable at this price, which there aren’t any!
Rating: 3/5
Would I go again? Why not.
Address:  Hong Kong, Cheung Sha Wan, Un Chau St, 162-188號天悅廣場CB58號舖

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