Bun Hui – A Hong Kong Greasy Spoon

I would describe Bun Hui a local hole in the wall that serves up the kinda things that oozes pocket friendly comfort. It’s not a destination restaurant by any means but, if you’re local, or even live in the area it would be a perfect little hole filler. It’s situated in the Fortune Shopping Centre in Cheung Sha Wan HK within a huge housing estate – the residential buildings are formidable. The meal holds a lot of poignant nostalgia for me, as it was the last I had with my dearly departed uncle who I miss immensely. He left way too young.  Bless him.

Curry brisket with rice $48. The sweeter, nuttier side of what a curry can be – a culinary hug. 

The classic Cantonese classic of Hor Fun with beef $44 was a greasy mound of hip sticking delight. Not the best I’ve had but certainly not the worst.  

Trotter with peppers and black pepper $49 with an off cut gnarly affair, but not shabby.  

Fried rice with cheese and tomato sauce is some sort of Cantonese-Western mash up, it was weird to say the least – but I get why local folk may like it. It was something they probably grew up with and I couldn’t stop digging into it. 

Ice lemon tea to wash it down with… 

The verdict:

When did I go? Nov 2016
The damage: Expect to pay $50 per head (£5).
The good: Home style Cantonese cooking that costs as much as a pint in London. What more can you need?!
The bad: At this price point you can’t really moan.
Rating: 3/5
Would I go again? Yes
Address:  No 1, G/F, Fortune Shopping Centre, Cheung Sha Wan
Phone: +852 2204 1318

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