Chuen Cheung Kui Restaurant – Mong Kok – Home Style Hakka Cuisine

The two floored Chuen Cheung Kui Restaurant has been in Mong Kok since 2004 and is one of many in Hong Kong that serves up Hakkanese fare. Typical dishes include salt-baked chicken, stuffed tofu and lush braised pork belly with dried mustard greens. Don’t expect much from the “trapped in time” decor, with air-con powerful enough to cool a small country from heat-wave. We had lunch here as recommend from a local, none other than my uncle!

And it begins.. 

First up we had pea shoots with garlic, it just screams quintessential Cantonese and they were thoroughly enjoyed. Love em. 

My uncle gave them a little flick up with his chopsticks so they became more photogenic as the camera always eats first. 

The pork braised belly with preserved mustard greens $98 is a cult classic, low and slow is the game here and that umami sauce was a shining moment that brought the dish together.  

Deep fried pig’s intestine was done well, crispy and surprisingly easy to eat if that’s your thing. Usually, the stuff is so gamey, strong enough to put chills down anyone’s spine, if you didn’t grow up eating the stuff.  

Not having steamed rice is like not having booze at party. 

Salt baked chicken is another Hakka classic, its a must have. The chicken in HK is like no other I’ve tasted. They’re smaller, less yielding and seemingly more compact than British ones. They taste like they’ve had a good life and spent most their years roaming free, eating nothing but good things.

The dip was salt, pepper and ginger powder, with chicken lard perhaps?   

The steamed carp, with more of those sweet earthy preserved mustard greens, went hand in hand with the fish. The flesh was delectable and sweet with a lovely meaty texture, and was probably still swimming moments ago! It gave itself up to be awesome for us. Happy days. 

To give you some perspective, here is the beast next to my iPhone 6. 

Eye ball? Yes please!

The verdict:

When did I go? Nov 2016
The damage: $100-$200 per head (£10-$20).
The good: What can I say? It’s an great little lunch spot if you’re in the area. For the price of an average London lunch, you can have really well done Hakka grub. It’s food that’s meant to be simple, pure, nourishing and delicious, they hit that brief here.
The bad: The air con will put icicles on your chin and your testicles.
Rating: 3.5/5
Would I go again? Yes
Address:  33 Nelson St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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