Samy’s Curry – it’s a Singaporean institution

Samy’s Curry was founded by Mr M.Veerasamy who helped pioneer North and South Indian cuisine in Singapore specialising in fish head curry, Masala Chicken along with Mysore mutton. The atmosphere is on the brighter side with bustling waiters, vocal orders and punters walking up & down the restaurant to the food stand. Buzz, buzz, buzz! They say coming here is like being time warped back to 80’s colonial Singapore since the decor has remained largely untouched. I came to find out.

I kick ff with a glass of refreshing lime juice. 

We don’t get plates but banana leaves here. 

This is not the face we saw the following day.

The bread is the first impression, and when it’s piping hot, fresh from the oven things can’t get better. 

First up the fish head curry which is made of daily delivered snapper. You might think there is little to no meat in the head but you’ll be wrong as there is. The whole collar of the fish is full of flesh and slurping up those morsels of meat is very rewarding especially in that hot, spicy, sour sauce full of vegetables – did I mention pineapple too?!

Mysore mutton is a drier curry with tonnes of roasted spice flavour and umami. The flesh is denser and less succulent but intensely flavoured. It’s lovely stuff. 

Chicken masala comes with aromatic spice that becomes one with meat. It’s my kinda curry – full bodied, punchy and very addictive. 

The verdict:

When did I go? June 2015
The damage: Expect to pay $25-$45 (£15- £30) per head no booze
The good: It’s the sort of curry that you dream of when you really crave it, the kind that is full bodied, rich and regrettable the next day. Overall the flavours in the dishes were robust and arrived in a flash piping hot especially the must order fish head curry with its rich sauce. I didn’t try the biryani but I will next time.
The bad: No air con means you’ll sweat your knackers off!
Rating: 3.5/5
Would I go again? Yes
Address: 25 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249670
Phone: +65 6472 2080

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