Ippudo NYC – Where the Bao Love Affair Began

I first came to Ippudo back in May 2013 (Click here for the original post) and was seriously impressed with how good everything was. I rhapsodised it to everyone who had ears, who wanted a recommendations for New York. So I’m back. One thing that hadn’t changed, were the huge queues, so be warned. That funky glass topped bar in the reception filled with blocks of ramen wasn’t there anymore in. But it didn’t matter as ice cold beer was, with a bar menu which included those outrageously tasty buns (Phew!). So we ate…

We began with those intensely satisfying tender Ippudo pork belly buns ($9 for 2).  Glazed in a savoury sticky sauce, a spoon of Japanese style mayo and slithers of pickled cucumbers. Sometimes, trying things the second time around lessens the impact – these are immune to this.

Hunks of melting pork belly. 

Side by side with the tempura eggplant bao.
The pork belly 

Next up we went or the tempura fried eggplant and eringi mushroom with housed pickled cucumbers $8.

It was equally as delectable as the pork belly in a different way, with its contrasting crunchy glazed exterior and gooey centre. 

Ippudo chicken wings were sticky-glazed, black pepper crispy things, were the kind that made me hunker down forget the world and inhale. 

The verdict:

When did I go? Nov 2016.
The damage: Expect to pay $25-$30 (£18-£22) per head with drinks.
The good: What really stood out last time were the sides, in particular those unctuous pork buns – this time round they were no exception, as were those ridiculously good egg-plant ones too. I’d happily eat them recreationally, until the cows came home. We were that content eating buns and drinking beer, we didn’t make it into the main restaurant – we didn’t care.
The bad: Be prepared to burn an hour whist waiting for your ramen fix.
Rating: 4/5
Would I go again? Yes
Address: 65 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003, USA

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