Himonoya – Shibuya – Izakaya Tokyo style

The izakaya to Tokyo is what many call the local pub in the UK. It’s where most locals go to let off steam with their mates or colleagues. There’s countless amounts of them in Shinjuku Tokyo and just like the pubs back at home each have their own unique character and regular punters. The atmosphere was buzzing when we arrived at Himonoya for a post midnight snack with echoes of clinking glasses and raucous conversation. Not a shabby social scene at all.

Salted fish ready to be grilled.

Funnily enough we were brought here by a local who was once upon our neighbour in the UK who emigrated to Tokyo. He’s a regular here and wax lyricals at how good it is. In reality it was a bit of a shock to the system as everything was so low impact. Cold chicken stew, bland soups, ice cold tofu dishes, raw cabbage on ice, stale tasting eggs and what seemed to be boiled tomatoes that have been ringed of all it’s flavour. 

Even the poor little piece of mackerel with grated daikon had no substance.

The noodles ordered came ice cold too and as per tradition they had to be slurped. The consistency was slimy and slippery making it difficult to chew. You had no choice to but to let it slide down the hatch, any hesitation mid way will cause retching!

The onigiri grilled rice ball was a sight that created sore eyes and the taste wasn’t much to sing home about either. Sad times.  

The verdict:

When did I go? April 2014.
The damage: Expect to pay ¥3000-¥4000 for food beer or 2 (£20-£28).
The good: Not a lot apart from the atmosphere.
The bad: Put it this way I won’t be coming back here.
Rating: 1/5
Would I go again? No I’d like to try others
Address: Japan,宇田川町33-8 Shibuya, 東京都 〒150-0042 Shoto, Shibuya Station


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