Long Beach Singapore – swoon worthy chilli crab

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is a mecca for one of Singapore’s signature dishes – the chilli crab amongst other seafood delights it offers. It’s highly revered as one of the ‘must visit’ places for seafood and I came here in June 2015 to try the legendary chilli and black pepper crab dishes.

Get your bibs ready!

The meal started with razor clams ($14 each) that were steamed with mountains of garlic, then topped with shimmering soy and lashings fried garlic. You’re definitely not having kisses after eating these, but who cares if you can have seductively sweet clams.

Chilli Sri Lanka crab $72 was sublime stuff too, the hacked up crab parts were swimming in sauce of its own roe, tomato, egg and of course chilli. Lip-smackingly good and bib-worthy too, it’s messy, ungraceful eating in a very good way. Yum. 

The pepper Sri Lanka crab $72 is the same huge beast but cooked in a different sauce or lack of should I say. It’s their own rendition from a 60’s recipe of crushed black pepper and butter that coats the giant Sri Lankan mud crab. It’s fist sized claws are particularly delectable. You should have seen the sized of it but to was no contest against me.

Aubergine country style $10 was cooked with an anti social amount of garlic, in what I could make out, some oyster sauce. It was a welcome balance to our protein heavy dishes so far. 

Baby kailan with garlic $10 were tender little things that I could eat daily without boredom – why can be have these in London?! 

Mantou both fried and steamed were pillows of pure carb heaven to mop up all the juices. My only complaint was that they were teeny and didn’t stand a chance against all the sauce. Bigger vehicles were needed. (Hint, hint).  

Your swimsuit wearing siren clutching a huge plate of crabs can only mean a wet wipe for your crab induced mess. Why should it make any sense.

The verdict:

When did I go? June 2015
The damage: Expect to pay $70-$75 (£40- £45) per head no booze
The good: The vibe here is more family style with huge circular tables that can cater for big groups. It’s quite chilled out and you can dine outside too. I would suggest going in a small group so you can try as many dishes as possible as going for the pepper and chilli crab would be a must. The unique earthy sweet flavour of the Sri Lankan mud crab is pretty special. Oh and those drool-worthy baby kailan are a must order too!
The bad: Get us some bigger mantou please!
Rating: 4/5
Would I go again? Yes
Address: 25 Dempsey Road Left turn to Dempsey via Holland Rd (before Peirce Rd) Singapore 249670
Phone: +65 6323 2222


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