Butlers House Review Kefalonia

What makes Butlers House stand out is that it has a particular kind of theatre; the kind that offers entertainment and makes sure you’re properly fed. For example, tables have tree branches for legs, there’s a water feature surrounded by foliage and stone walls embellished with antique clocks and bric-à-brac objects – the sort that has been collected by a curious mind. I’m not sure if I’m on a set of Jumanji or Goonies. Perhaps a mixture of both. Downstairs is more of the same amplified but this time, it’s decorated with more antiques. There are vintage bikes, record players, furniture and a cabinet full of glassware. David Dickinson would be frothing at the mouth. Food wise there’s omelettes, soups, pizza, pasta, mousaka and much more. It feels like a family restaurant where the kids can join in and fun memories can be made. So here is my review of Butlers House in Kefalonia.

The bread, fist sized sesame pelted buns arrive golden, squishy and warm from the oven – we tear and smear the pale yellow butter.

Baked feta €5.50 as feta comes in all varieties in Greece.

Presentation of the fried meatballs €5.90 with rustically cut chips wasn’t its strong point, but my greed managed to polish off the mystery meat balls quick enough.

Feta, the anthesis of rare in these parts is wrapped in filo €5.90 and gets a drizzling of honey and balsamic.

Mousaka €7.90, a Greek signature dish with enough love handle enhancing qualities to last you for days. It’s like a lasagne but sheets of aubergine are used instead of pasta.

Baked parmesan €5.90 were layers upon layers of aubergine with a good helping of tomato sauce and sticky cheese, all baked in a little terracotta pot. It was meal in itself and could sustain you through a harsh winters night.

Elbert went for the chicken valtostano €11.20.

Mrs Elbert went for the chicken Siciliana €10.90.

Lobster ravioli €18.90 was a mess of cream, prawns and lashings of feta. They tend to decimate everything with feta in Kefalonia. Lobster features of course, but it was playing a game of hide and seek in all the sauce. The prawns took centre stage but I’m ok with that as they were quite sumptuous.

Pre desert fruit.

Limonchello on the house, why not!

Chocolate soufflé €6.90 was more akin to a brownie, a sticky one at that and comes with a shake-and-squirt of aerosol whipped cream and ice cream with un-bashful amounts of chocolate sauce.

Lemon pie €5.90 was a baked meringue pie, with a shortcrust pastry, lemon custard filling and a cloud-like meringue topping. We got a slice of lemon, served in vain – I mean why was it even there? At least with a wedge we could squeeze it. Of course we got more of that aerosol whipped and lemon sorbet. Did it taste good? It bloody did.


When did I go? Sept 2018
The damage: Expect to pay €30/35 per head with drinks 
The good: Butler’s House is a fun memory with a big splash of Greek comfort. One of the positive perks of the meal was the hilarious venue and watching the Greek ladies doing their thing with gusto behind the stove.
The bad: As fun as the night was just waist thickening and sustaining without being stand out. I mean that in the best possible way as home-spun style goodness is what we need sometimes.
Rating: 3/5
Would I go again? When in Kefalonia
Address: Lassi Argostoli, Lassi, 281 00, Greece
Web: https://butlershouse-kefalonia.com

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