Blend Bromley – Review – where locals have fun

What sealed a visit here wasn’t down to commitment, chance or research, but a recommendation from a friend who lives locally. I trust his opinion whole-heartedly, but I also know that one man’s preference can differ to another’s. But that’s the beauty of serene debate, sometimes. Blend is a place where locals have fun; there is a bar with high stools a la Ikea, a DJ booth, gawky animal printed chairs and there is an adjoining restaurant, which is where I’ve come to play.

Seemingly, the previous months worth of spillage found its way to me.

We start with what they call grilled halloumi skewers £5.95, with Sicilian peppers apparently and pesto. I call it safe as are the olives.

More interesting were chicken wings £6.50 glazed in honey, chilli and sesame. They weren’t imbued with amazing flavour but did the job of filling the hole in my fat belly.

Salt & pepper calamari £5.50 with chive and garlic mayo wasn’t going to win any contents in creativity but they were eaten easily enough.

In food-snob mode I asked for my “homemade fillet beef burger” £10.95 medium rare. Our waiter, who is one of the best things here, clearly hadn’t been asked this before, scurried into the kitchen to ask their permission. I’m thankful they agreed. The patty came with signature criss-cross grill marks and actually ended up being the best thing I ate here.

Sweet potato fries £3.50 had a nice crisp and rustle to them too as did the frozen onion rings £3.50.

The verdict:

When did I go? May 2017.
The damage: Expect to pay £20/25 per head
The good: As a local in-and-out jobby, Blend hits this brief. Or if you fancy a boozy lunch or dinner with your mates, they hit that brief too.
The bad: Most tasted frozen, its hard to complain at this pricing.
Rating: 3/5
Would I go again? Never say never!
Address: 32 East St, Bromley BR1 1QU

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