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If you’re lucky enough to make it to the drop dead gorgeous Greek island called Kefalonia, where staggeringly beautiful beaches rule, and clear sea waters make you coo then Sami is the place to be. Its a lot more well equipped than some of the other beaches I’ve seen in Kefalonia. This white stone beach stretches for a quarter of a mile in a valley between two mountains deep with succulent green. Two hefty sized bars offer to nourish and water which is exactly what we need after a morning exploring the shine-steeling Melissani Caves. We came to Acron, a large terraced spot literally a stone throw away from the beach where you can get a soothing bit of shade and make friends with the friendly ferrel cats. It’s my idea of serene bliss in 30 degree heat.

The boss goes for smoked salmon salad €12 with green beans, capers, new potatoes and other foliage with lemon pesto. There’s a good dollop of cottage cheese and jet-black caviar on top. It is the Mediterranean in a bowl.

I ordered the cracking octopus €12 that came in a sticky sauce of caramelised onions and new potatoes. The pillowy tentacles are worth a mention as they’re done well. It was a good octopus so I gobbled the lot up even though I found the sauce was overtly sweet.

Then came the exceptionally fresh prawns €12, full crunchy freshness simmered in ouzo and a herby tomato sauce. Being in Greece of course the dish gets a good helping of cubed of feta cheese. I used them to build a mini wall in homage to the drystone ones we saw in the mountainous hills populated by goats en route to this beach. Eating too cheese makes me nauseous. In its defence the dish was fine thing to eat, especially with the suckable sauce sodden prawn heads. I could eat a lot of those.

Leave room for dessert as the rich chocolate ice cream was a delight too, even if it costs €6 which is a lot for these parts of the world.


When did I go? Sept 2018
The damage: Expect to pay €20/25 per head sans drinks 
The good: Aside from the emphatically beautiful surroundings, you’ll get a decent feed here with quality ingredients. My tender octopus and prawns simmered in ouzo tasted like they were pulled from the sea that morning – they were pine-worthy, delectable and didn’t break the bank either.
The bad: If you asked me to be finicky, then make the sauce less sweet that came with the octopus and give me more prawns instead of feta.
Rating: 3.5/5
Would I go again? When in Kefalonia.
Address: Antisamos Kefalonia Sami, Kefalinia, Greece

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