Gaucho (Broadgate) it’s a City staple

In case you don’t know Gaucho is one of the main players in the London steak circuit alongside the likes of The Hawksmoor, Goodman and a whole host of grill shops joining the band wagon from those selling rare breed Gallician cuts to those serving butchers favourites. Gaucho Broadgate has been around since 2005 and stylistically just like their other 12 London venues it makes a modern statement. There is a good sized glass enclosed bar, alfresco terrace & a plush 150-seat restaurant on the lower ground. It serves Argentine beef which is dry aged onsite with fine wines and cocktails. It’s City based so expect a lot of suits, I was one of them as my boss was treating me for having a good month.

They have function rooms too.

Everything is adorned with cow hide fabrics and designer furnishings.

I’ve been here a few times before and when the front of house asked if I’d like to know about the steak board I ALWAYS say yes! It never gets boring as its visual feast for the eyes. It’s a little presentation of the meat on offer – this includes, what cut it is, how best to cook it according the fat content.

From the left, there is the rump, fillet, rib-eye and sirloin.

I always say first impressions count so the bread has always got to be good. My favourite is the Pao de Queijo – the ball shaped cheese bread that is profoundly superb and I always ask for a third helping! The potato bread and sour dough is good too which comes with chimichurri.

It’s crisp on the outside with a dense chewy inside. You can really taste that tangy, nutty sweet cheese.

Ancho rib-eye – it’s marbled throughout, full-bodied in flavour and is juicy till the last drop. They come in 225g medallions at £19.95, 300g for £26.95, 400g for £32.95 and what you see below is a 500g at £40.20.

The steak is well rested when it comes to the table and I always slice it in half whilst I’m eating it for maximum effect on the juices. The well done bits on the edge carry good flavour too but the centre is where the action is at. I always order mid-rare – no condiments are needed.

Lomo fillet – the leaner and the most tender from the beast but the downside is that it’s delicate in flavour. 225g Medallions come at £30.45, 300g for £36.95 which you can see below. They even come in at 400g for £47.95 and a whopping 500g at £60.40.

Rare is the order of the day.

Here come the sides –

Humita Saltena £4.95 – a deeply flavoured sweetcorn/mozarella mix further enhanced by the corn husk it’s good in. The result was an intense corn flavour – think about the sweets corn if ever had multiplied by 3. It can only be a good thing. I wish you’d get more for a fiver.

Spinach with garlic and lemon £4.95. It’s a staple.

Fat chips hand-cut and twice cooked. They could have been much crispier but not bad overall.

Whole roasted cauliflower cheese with parmesan cream £9.95. This wasn’t perfect either as that all important al dente crunch wasn’t there – it reminded me of a friends mum who used to boil her vegetables to death. Ok so it wasn’t that bad but you get the picture.

I was admiring the spirits at the bar on the way out and the bartender collared us to share a tasting of this beautiful gin freshly delivered on the day. It would be an obligation to do so!

The verdict:
When did I go? Sept 2016
The damage: Expect to pay £70 – £80 per head with a bottle of plonk.
The good: Steak restaurants should always be about the meat and I think Gaucho have got it right with theirs. It’s grilled to give it that perfect mahogany exterior and rested so all the juices settle into the protein before serving. The result is a juicy steak with a deep beefy flavour. Good work indeed.
The bad: The sides were touch and go like the soggy £9.95 cauliflower but all is forgiven as that rib-eye was divine.
Rating: 3.5/5
Would I go again? Yes
Address: 5 Finsbury Avenue, London EC2M 2PG

Phone: 020 7256 6877


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